Live calmer, more present, HAPPIER.

Live by Design, not Default


Stress is inevitable. 

Suffering is not.

Listen to your body, smash your big goals, and ditch stress for good. 

Get back in your body and out of your head. Finally chill out, take the time you need to de-stress, and get your priorities straight.


Are you  treading water with all you have to do, every day?!


Is it tough for you to let yourself FEEL your emotions fully? You’re far from alone.


I’m here to help you live a less stressful life,get clear on how you want to live, and make choices that make sense for your dreams; all while keeping it easy and simple.


It might seems like everything OUTSIDE you is more important than everything INSIDE you.

We ignore how we feel, we sacrifice our healthy habits, and everything, everybody we love, suffers along the way.


You CAN! find balance between your work, social and personal life, all while feeling downright awesome and less frazzled. Trust me, you can!


I get it. For 13 years I’ve been helping clients relax into their bodies and kick stress to the curb.

Stress is ubiquitous, and it feels like it’ll never end. After all, isn’t everyone this stressed out?? Isn’t this what it’s like to be a functioning Adult?


I’m on your team to help you start seeing your life for what it can be– AMAZING; to be enjoyed, without adding yet another thing to your list.


YOU can do this. You owe it to the world to show up as the badass, whole version of you! The world NEEDS you!


Maybe it’s your career draining your energy. Maybe the never ending to-do list creeps up to steal your sleep. Maybe there’s just NEVER enough time to Get It All Done.

It’s all you can do to keep all the balls up in the air for another day, plop into bed at the end, and hopefully sleep enough to do it again tomorrow.


Let’s get off the hamster wheel.


You can do this. With me in your corner, support in your back pocket whenever you need, you’ll find your way back to what matters. You’ll make simple shifts that totally change the game.


If you’re ready to take the first step towards a happier, healthier, and more fulfilling life, reach out!

I’m thrilled to meet you.


Get ready to live your life on your terms. Get ready to live by Design, not Default.



Change is a physiological experience.

What clients have to say

[Erin taught me]That the answers I’m looking for begin with me. Erin has a very straight forward approach that is refreshing- so instead of beating around the bush in my own mind, I have her voice in my head guiding me to more direct questions for myself.


While I was coached by Erin, I learned how to check in with myself and my body in a way that helped relieve my social anxiety. It was a game changer. Thanks, Erin!

Sara .F. 

Getting coaching with Erin helped me learn what my anger was actually saying to me. I am able to reframe it and use it now, not let it use me.

Luke .M.

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Elemental Wellness Series:

4 Weeks to a Better Self Care  Routine

Discover your personal power in the Elemental Wellness series, a 4-week journey that gets you back in touch with the wisdom of nature’s four elements to elevate your self-care routine. 

Through engaging weekly Zoom calls, you’ll start a personalized voyage to finally create REAL balance in your life. 


Dive deep into the elements of Earth, Water, Fire, and Air, and unlock their secrets to grounding yourself, creating space, having fun, and going with the flow.  


Your coach Erin will provide weekly support and guidance, unwrapping each element’s unique benefits and supporting you to integrate them seamlessly into your daily routine. 


Elevate your self-care game and experience lasting transformation with Elemental Wellness – a nurturing path to holistic well-being, accountability, and profound self-discovery, all in just four weeks.


You’ll know this series is right for you if: 

✨ You never feel like you have enough time to take care of yourself

✨ You know exactly what you need to do to feel better, to be in less pain, to be more healthy, and yet you don’t do it

✨ You’re so exhausted of hearing the term self-care, that you just roll your eyes every time you hear it

✨ You feel guilty taking time for yourself

✨ You always feel like you should be doing something productive, over something that feels good

✨You start on a self-care routine, and then it falls off of the radar…oh yeah, that yoga class? 

✨ You feel too stressed out, exhausted, and burnt out to even think about self-care. Which leaves you more stressed out. 🤪

✨ You’re not even sure what you need in terms of self-care, but you know it’s not a fucking bubble bath like all these blogs say

✨ You always end up putting other people first, which leads you to feeling really tired and stretched thin all the time


If you’re feeling ready to:

✨ Create a self-care routine that actually works for you

✨ Find out what you need in any circumstance, or stage of life

✨ Create your own definition of self-care instead of the ridiculous suggestions all over the internet. 

✨ Get off the hamster wheel of burnout, exhaustion, and finally feel energized, inspired, motivated and joyful every day.

✨ Enjoy your days, guilt-free, no matter what you decide to do!


Meet your coach:


Hi! I’m Erin. I am so delighted to help you finally get a hold of your self-care routine, and create it in a way that works with you, and nature.

I’ve been helping people revamp their self-care routine for 13 years, and I’m really really excited and inspired to bring you this series!

 I’ve noticed that people struggle to make time for themselves, constantly put other people first, and feel more disconnected from nature than ever.

It gets to be simple, it gets to be easy, it gets to feel great.

You’ll get support directly from me throughout the program, and you’ll receive all my brain nuggets, wisdom and insight from helping people for over 13 years. 

I am passionate about helping you find your way back to yourself, back to YOUR nature, and your ideal life. I believe everyone is complete and whole, and sometimes we just lose our way a little bit. 


I can’t wait to meet you and help you reconnect with nature, reconnect with yourself, and find a routine that supports every element of your well-being! 


What’s included:

✨ A resource library for you to refer back to, and expand your own learning and experience

✨ Consistent accountability every week to help you remember yourself, time and time again

✨ Weekly Guidance to learn how to implement the essence of these four elements into your self-care routine

✨ Weekly Support for when you hit hurdles through this process 

✨ A group of people who are experiencing the same process as you, so you can learn how others  apply the wisdom of nature in their self-care strategies

✨As a bonus!! You receive a 60 minute call with Erin to help you create your CUSTOM action plan for integrating all these concepts from the program.

Your investment in yourself:


This is the type of program that keeps on giving.

You’re not just developing a self-care routine. You are learning how to access your needs on a deeper level. For the rest of your life.

No matter what’s going on in your life, no matter how your circumstances are changing, you’re able to come back within, to your own inner nature, and your own four elements, and remember exactly what you need to feel whole and balanced again. 

This program is valued at $1,200, but the first eight people who sign up, receive it for $499.

I KNOW you’re going to be delighted and happy with this program. I know you’re going to feel more connected with your needs, with nature and with those around you after this program. I promise that you’ll have a COMPLETELY revamped self care routine that sticks, after going through this program. 

If you feel like you don’t have time for self care:

This program will show you that you just need to learn the RIGHT type of self care for you, for where you’re at in your life, or day.


IDK…another thing on my to-do list??

We meet once a week. For an hour. In the convenience of your own home! Aren’t you worth that kind of time? Isn’t it worth it to spend 4 hours to FINALLY get your self care sorted?


Please, I don’t wanna be told what to do with my own self care….

Neither do I. And I don’t think many people do at all, right?? This program is made to help you find your way back to your OWN nature. You know your answers better than I do (or anyone for that matter.) So lets find your way back home, to your own resources, your own answers, and your own intuitive self care.


Will this be worth the investment?

How much, if you’re honest, is it costing you to be stressed out, underslept, burnt out, exhausted and worn down? Are you at your best at work? What is it costing you to compromise your self care? Probably more than $500…


I should wait until I feel ready, or once the kids are back in school, or once I’m making better money…

Sure, maybe so. But how long has this been an issue for you? Years? How long have you been feeling burnt out, tired, and putting your goals on the back burner? Ready is a trap, and the sooner you address your self care, the better you’ll be able to address everything else in your life. The better you’ll be able to show up for everyone in your life you love.

What if this doesn’t work for me…?

I can’t GUARANTEE that it’ll work. But what I do know is, you’re dedicated to yourself, yoru community, your impact in the world, and you’re dedicated to feeling better in your body and life. Which tells me, for sure, that if you show up to this program 100%, you’ll get exactly what you need from it. That I can guarantee.


I see you, overworked human. I want to help you reconnect with your nature, your own personal wisdom, and finally feel great about your self care. 

I want to help you get your foundation set, once and for all, so you can lean on it no matter what your circumstances bring you. 

Are you ready? 




Let's Do This!

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