reframe stress, reconnect with your purpose

Live life your way & finally find balance


Stress is inevitable. 

Suffering is not.

We do not know how to relax.

In all my years of working with massage clients, a pattern remains consistently true.

We don’t know how to relax physically, mentally, emotionally.

Through my years of massage, I’ve realized that we hold stress in our bodies, and we don’t know how to relax.

If we can’t recognize when we’re holding tension in our bodies,  how  are we going to recognize when we’re holding emotional or mental tension?

And deeper still, how can we know if we’re ever truly relaxed?

Let’s reconnect.  Let’s listen.  Let’s relax. Let’s let go.  I can teach you how.

Limiting beliefs live in the body.

Your nervous system runs the show to keep you safe,  in balance, and in your comfort zone

If you’re only working on overcoming limiting beliefs from your mind,  you’ll always find self sabotage, frustration and cycling through. 

The way, is through the body, with the body. 

Embodiment coaching facilitates you getting there.  Getting your brain, your body and your heart, all on the same page.

When there’s a stuck feeling in the body, there is usually a stuck feeling in life. Our bodies are constantly telling us what is in alignment with what we really want, and what is not. 

Learning to use these tools is an incredible resource to find your own solutions to problems, to discover new ways of approaching your goals, and living by your values, no matter what. 

Living Embodied means you are always present for the moments in your life that mean the most. 

Living Embodied means you are free to create the life you’ve always wanted. 

Living Embodied means you can reframe stress in a meaningful way so you can use it, instead of it using you. 

Living Embodied means you are reclaiming your power, and your right to enjoy life on your terms. 

Change is a physiological experience.

What clients have to say

[Erin taught me]That the answers I’m looking for begin with me. Erin has a very straight forward approach that is refreshing- so instead of beating around the bush in my own mind, I have her voice in my head guiding me to more direct questions for myself.


While I was coached by Erin, I learned how to check in with myself and my body in a way that helped relieve my social anxiety. It was a game changer. Thanks, Erin!

Sara .F. 

Getting coaching with Erin helped me learn what my anger was actually saying to me. I am able to reframe it and use it now, not let it use me.

Luke .M.

Let’s Connect!

For New Clients

If you’re ready to take the next step in achieving your goals, living life more connected to yourself and others, this is the place to start. If you’re feeling stuck, and answers seem out of reach, schedule this call to see how Embodiment Coaching can help.

For Returning Coaching Clients

This session is for returning coaching clients.

Get ready to get curious, let go of attachment to the outcome, and lets start living Aligned and Embodied.

For Returning Coaching Clients

This session is for returning coaching clients.

Get ready to get curious, let go of attachment to the outcome, and lets start loving Aligned and Embodied.

You’re Invited!

Embodied Resilience Playshop:

Become immune to stress!

This event will be $35, with a full handout to use!
How to become immune to stress, in just one week, even if you don’t have the time, or don’t know how!
What you’ll learn:
✔ How to master YOUR vesion of stress resilience to prevent the buildup of stress in your body, in as little as one week.
✔ You’ll get the simple 7-step process for resetting your stress baseline – this is the same process countless others have used to get great results, and now you can too!
✔ You’ll discover the ridiculously easy ways to feel better in your body, more present, and less anxious, even if you
don’t know how to start or doubt it’ll work!
✔ You’ll find out what stress relieving habits are cluttering up your schedule, and getting in your way of truly becoming stress resilient.
✓ Why it’s NOT your fault if you constantly feel the burden of stress, and what you can do starting
today to start feeling calmer, more present, and less stressed out!